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February 2018


Posted on February 05 2018

Happy  Heart Awareness Month!! 


As a lot of you know, this is a month that I hold near and dear to my heart- not to sound too corny!!  Once you have a scare, as I did, you don't take anything for granted -no risk factors...My sign??  Shortage of breath.   So this is the perfect time to remind all my DJ fashionistas how important it is to be heart aware!!!

After moving up to Jupiter in the Spring, one of my first priorities was finding a new Cardiologist - and boy, did I get lucky.  Dr Loveday (yes, that's his real name) at Jupiter Medical Center is amazing--even gave me a tip on some great reading- The Untethered Soul- The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael A. Singer.



You've heard it before, but I just LOVE Orange Theory.  For those of you who aren't familiar- it uses  science backed, heart -rate training principles and technology for an intense hour long workout - weight training for bone density and cardio for my  heart.

I was never one for meditating, but I've realized how important it is to slow down and take a breath - and that's the name of this fabulous app I was turned on to.  "Breathe" is a terrific application for your phone and  allows me to sneak in a meditation- often with a cup of coffee!!


So, I know we've been focusing on our diet after recovering from the holidays, but it really is all about lifestyle.  Omega 3's -great!!  Sugars-not so much!!  It's amazing how great I feel when I eat and drink the right stuff - lots of veggies, fish, and tons of water!!!  It's a winning combination!!  Not only do I notice how much better  my clothes fit, but my skin loves it too!!!


Speaking of clothes, whether we're staying home for  a cozy, Valentine's Day dinner or heading to Nouvelle Maison (one of my favorites) for a romantic night out, it's always fun to have something new to wear.


                       La Nouvelle Maison


"Love" my comfy John Eshaya sweatshirt with my favorite pair of Moussy  jeans and Andia Fora perf sneaks - perfect for relaxing after a delicious home cooked meal prepared by my favorite Valentine (Steve) who also happens to be a fantastic gourmet cook - how lucky am I??



Nothing is more elegant and sophisticated than  this timeless wrap dress from Peter Cohen -just add a fabulous necklace and my new pair of Pedro Garcia sandals - and I'm out the door!!!



All that being said, the best thing for your heart is good to all my DJ girls… how ever you choose to celebrate - Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!! 



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