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Posted on September 27 2020

As I’m flying back from LA market, I realize how grateful I am to have reached this point.  Being in LA and shopping the wonderful lines for Spring (yes, Spring!) it would have been hard to imagine just a few months ago!
Fashion has always had a way of surviving and contributing so much to the makeup of our country – not just our mental well-being!  Yes, I know, just putting on a new tee shirt or jog pant the past few months has helped!
And yes, that trend continues!
I know from a lot of our Snowbirds that they’re already feeling the chill up North and looking for comfy, cozy tops and sweaters. 
For all of my DJ girls who were raised up North like me - Do you have a memory of your absolutely favorite flannel shirt? I know I do!  Well, here’s your new favorite - from R13.

And how about this fabulous sweater from Japanese upstart designer C.T. Plage in one of Fall’s gorgeous, earthy shades? Perfect weight for our S. Florida winter’s and I love it with this fun Mason’s plaid pant! 


The Italian line Avant Toi’s pieces are always special, versatile and comfortable.  This lightweight viscose camo print sweater with just a hint of shimmer is a definite go-to with any jeans this Fall.  Looks great under another trend for Fall- the classic blazer.

For an investment piece you will never be sorry to have in your closet?  This beautiful asymmetrical zip up from Dark Shadows- the absolute ultimate.

And for something on the lighter side - Simeon Farrar’s pieces are always so much fun and whimsical.  This sweatshirt is a piece that should always be handy!

For those days you just don’t want to put on a pair of jeans but still want an easy, effortless look- Mason’s is the answer.  The fabrics are amazing and the fit not to be beat! This water stain print with black side piping is a winner.

La Prestic Ouiston is one of those lines that never disappoints.  Their prints, colors and the fact that most of their tops and dusters are reversible – how can you go wrong?

Fuzzi- Fabulous prints, classic styling and the renowned use of tulle.  The belief that the modern woman should be able to express herself with comfort and freedom- what better describes our Florida lifestyle?

Comfort still rules for footwear too!  This black, leather Officine Creative sneaker complements everything.


I hope everyone is getting as excited for Fall as I am!  New merchandise is arriving every day, we’re planning our events for the season and Fall is in the air- or almost!  And Fri October 2nd is World  Smile Day.  So let’s all think about something that puts a smile on our face!





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  • Harriet Friedberg : October 02, 2020

    Looking good!love the fuzzi

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