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Posted on December 29 2020

Welcome 2021! 
Nothing makes me happier than to see 2020 in the rear view mirror and to be able to look forward to a fantastic new year!
I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and was able to celebrate with family and friends- at least in some creative way!  I’m sure everyone splurged a little and was tempted by all the delicious food that magically appears this time of year – but kept in mind all their fabulous outfits waiting to be worn!
This is the fun time of year – wonderful casual, comfy choices in the store for Fall and the hint of what’s to come for Spring…..
I know – we still can’t get enough of our sweatshirts..and I’ll keep them coming for you! Nili Lotan has to be my all-time favorite….Just a fantastic sweatshirt with the versatility of wearing a bit dressier – not your average sweatshirt!

Recycled Karma is always fun and whimsical – find your favorite band or artist and flaunt it!  This Def Leppard sweatshirt is like a warm hug!

Avant Toi’s collection is always so beautiful and artistic – it’s hard to call this gorgeous painted piece with sequin detail a sweatshirt – but I will!  One of those pieces that I know will become a favorite and so versatile!  I love the idea of pairing it with a fabulous pj pant from Peter Cohen!

It’s been all about color this past year and the Italian line Printed Artworks is always there to fill that void!  Fun, artistic prints and colors are the perfect addition to throw on with a sweatpant, or a pair of jeans and a great Officine Creative boot.

And speaking of jeans, we’ve all been living in them, so I’m ready for a great new wash – here you have it in the midrise boy skinny from R13.  

When I’m not in the mood for jeans, that’s when the Italian line Mason's steps in!  Not just a khaki pant – they always throw in just a bit of a twist. The stud detail at the pocket is just fun!  Pedro Garcia’s Vania suede sandal is a staple in my closet-now in the great neutral color Oak.

Sundry from LA has cornered the market on the comfortable pant this season.  Now adding a pop of pink in the side tape- just throw on a graphic tee

and your Golden Goose sneakers and you’re ready for just about anything these days!

I think we’re all getting in the mood to kick it up a notch and pull our outfits together a bit more – that’s when I’ll add a great belt to just feel a bit more “done”.  This line from Germany adds a punch of detail with some great stud work.

Happy 2021 DJ girls!  

Cheers to a wonderful year of health, fun and fashion!


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